“Filthy Flats is the making of Randy Narod and Joseph Anzalone. You may know Narod and Anzalone from their nine (yes nine!) Long Island Bagel Cafe locations. The LIBC bagel, born from a family recipe, has now made its way to Brooklyn–but, with a new creative flair.” View >>

Filthy Flats has officially reinvented the sandwich—giving it a modern and fresh twist by serving it open-faced on a flat bagel.”  You can read the full-page article here >>
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Randy Narod and Joseph Anzalone, who own the Long Island Bagel Café chain, have reinvented the bagel sandwich. At this spot, flattened bagels replace the regular ones, for open-faced sandwiches. View >>

FILTHY FLATS by Owners of Long Island Bagel Café Comes to Brooklyn is the title of an article in BROADWAY WORLD Magazine.  Reporter in her April 28th article the history of partners Narod and Anzalone and the long history of the family recipe that launched and sustained the success of the Long Island Bagel Cafe. Now, they added a new twist to “reinvent the open-face sandwich.:” Read more >> 

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All Day, the Filthy Way! at Filthy Flats Brooklyn for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert Flats, with top-selling items such as Cranberry Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad. Sandwiches are made fresh to order using the best possible ingredients on the meticulously organized line that runs like a well-oiled machine; the sandwiches are rapidly constructed, heated to the perfect temperature, and finished with different, unique sauces.  More>> 

El sándwich plano de Filthy Flats
The newly opened Filthy Flats in downtown Brooklyn reinvented the sandwich, giving it a fresh, modern twist by serving it on a flat, open-faced bagel. (El recién inaugurado Filthy Flats en el centro de Brooklyn reinventó el sándwich, dándole un toque moderno y fresco al servirlo en un bagel plano, estilo “open face”.) More here >>

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A 30-year recipe that propelled Long Island Bagel Cafe to its success, has been reinvented by its owners and delivered at Filthy Flats Brooklyn. “Each bagel is hand rolled, boiled, then flattened before baking to give them their signature shape. The flat bagels are baked fresh daily at their bagel factory in Baldwin, New York, and shipped to Filthy Flats in Brooklyn. The crispy flats are the star of the Filthy Flats show.” More >>

Owner Randy Narod enlisted his brother-in-law, business partner, and trained executive chef, Joseph Anzalone, to create the perfect flatbread bagel.  Together, they opened, managed, and grew Long Island Bagel Cafe into nine locations on Long Island. Filthy Flats is the duo’s first foray into Brooklyn using the same ingredients and methods that helped bring the LIBC shops to prominence. View >>


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The Knockturnal review of Filthy Flats

During a media tasting The Knockturnal got a chance to sample some of the shop’s signature sandwiches. After arriving the first sandwich sampled was the Korean BBQ Short Rib. The predominant flavor of the sandwich is the sweet soy based bbq sauce with a hint of fruity sweetness. The sandwich is stopped with cheese which give it a savoriness and crispy fried onions.  The Filthy Pastrami Reuben sandwich is neither dry nor overly peppery as some New York pastrami tends to be. Also, the sauce on the Pastrami Reuben is far less pickle relish tasting than typical thousand island dressing-style sauces used on Reuben sandwiches. Lastly, for dessert we sampled the cannoli bagel which had a contrast between vanilla and chocolate flavor. Read the full review >>

“Filthy Flats “devised a restaurant system that offers one-of-a-kind quick, tasty, and affordable sandwich options. All Day, the Filthy Way has menu options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Giving back, Filthy Flats for their opening had offered a 20% discount to all city employees, students, and faculty. You can read the full-page article here >>

II can tell that Filthy Flats is ideal for a grab-and-go lunch the second I stepped in. I was greeted by the staff and began browsing their menu. .  really enjoyed it and it was devoured quite quickly. Next, we dug into the Cubano and I have to say, this was better than a good amount of Cubans I had around the city. The freshness of these flats is not to be understated and the dijonnaise truly helped the sandwich stand out.”